Many new e-commerce business owners get overwhelmed with the numbers they can get from bulk product sales. Only a few realize that a sale is incomplete until it arrives at the doorstep of its customers. The pain that comes with the cost of shipping starts to be felt when the e-commerce business begins to gain more attention from people both far and near.

Reason to have a good shipping plan

A good shipping plan would increase the reach of business, and a failure to have a proper shipping plan could lead to loss of potential customers. Most customers end their dealings when they realize that the company is far, the shipping plan is too costly, or there is no shipping plan at all. So there is a need to include shipping plans in your business if you want to attract more clients and retain existing customers.

This post will explain how to optimize a good shipping plan to your e-commerce display, so both you and your customer will enjoy the ease of your business. Here are a few steps to optimize a shipping plan.


Research on existing researches

As humans, we rely heavily on word of mouth. Have you ever noticed how a friend’s review of a restaurant would affect your perception of the place? For your business to be a success, you have to go way beyond the review of one person and get as many options as possible. This is so that you do not get overwhelmed by the seemingly good deal of one shipping company that you lose sight of other better juicy deals. Hence, a business looking to work with a shipping company should first know about all the available ones around its locality and then juxtapose their values against one another. This is done to choose the best one that would be properly suited for your business.


Call/Visit the shipping company

You should have a direct conversation with the representative/manager of the shipping company you are interested in. Oral communication is always better than the regular email as you would get more attention in a natural conversation than when the representative is trying to reply you fast so he can sort out the thousands of emails left for him to review.


Push your luck further

I know you would have found juicy deals on the internet that you only want to start working with the company you have chosen as soon as possible. But as an e-commerce business owner, I am sure you would agree with me that the prices placed on the screen are somewhat negotiable if a customer comes with a profitable negotiation. It comes the same for shipping companies. If you tailor your negotiations well before going into a conversation with the representative of the company, you may be able to convince them into a much lower bargain than what is placed officially on the website.


How to pull a successful negotiation

This would take us back to the first step – when you perform a good research on these companies, you will be exposed to great deals. These deals may not be accessible to you in your locality, but who says the next best thing would not be willing to go that low. Hence, in your negotiations, try to be as professional as you can be. Speak numbers more than feelings, and the best way to pull this off is to have performed a good research. Feel free to mention other good deals that the other companies offer and try to win their hearts by showing them good prospects in your dealings with them.

Remember, the people who manage the company are all humans. Win their emotions with your figures and professionalism, and make sure you do not shoot yourself in the toes while you are at it. After everything is done, you would have optimized a competitive shipping plan for your business that puts both you and your customers at ease regardless of their locations.