The MBA in sustainable business is a unique program that combines MBA education with an emphasis on business sustainability. This guarantees a holistic learning experience that will change how you define business and its impact on the world. This MBA program will inspire you to create innovative business ideas to make the world a better place.


An MBA in sustainable business, teaches the foundations as well as the specialization in sustainable business. It also integrates the world of business and economics with the social, environmental, and cultural aspects of sustainability. Unlike other businesses where you can do things like host one of the best Disney podcasts talking about the top rated bags for Disney World, our business requires a heavy education aspect that you just can’t get without getting an MBA.



Our MBA in sustainable business is solely focused on the elements of sustainability. It also gives you a much better understanding of the following elements:


Sustainable business solutions

You will learn the techniques of continuous process improvement to guarantee and sustain business success. This will give you a better understanding of the ever-evolving needs of a customer while eliminating any negative impact on the business and the environment.



Our MBA program will ensure that you learn how to develop your full potential and hone your leadership abilities to make your business self-sustaining.


Sustainable management

Our MBA in sustainable business will give you a better understanding of the importance of practicing better interpersonal and organizational skills. These two are vital for the continuous success of the business throughout the transformational change that occur in any business.


Sustainable entrepreneurship

Our MBA in sustainable business will help you hone your entrepreneurial skills to ensure your business ideas are fresh and add real value to the society.

Our MBA in sustainable business program objectives:

  1.      You will learn how a business can help the environment and still register a profit.
  2.      Our students learn cutting-edge skills and knowledge about sustainable business that will adequately prepare them to succeed in the business world.
  3.      Our MBA in sustainable business will be a personal transformational journey that will enable you to know yourself better, understand your potential and abilities, understand what challenges or limitations are hindering you from achieving your personal and business potential. We provide a multi-faceted learning platform that guarantees that our students are able to nurture and grow on both a personal level and intellectual level.
  4.      Our MBA in sustainable business brings together insights from business and sustainability that help you to accelerate your professional growth while making positive meaningful contributions to the business or organization.

A student who enrolls in our MBA in the sustainable business program should expect to study the course in:

  • Sustainability – this includes international perspectives in sustainable business, building social capital and industrial ecology, natural and human communities.
  • Applied research.
  • Business – the course units include: management, organizational theory, and behavior, managerial economics, marketing.

Our MBA in sustainable business will prepare you for a career in business.

MBA Education As Part of A Sustainable Business