It is arguably the next most important thing after marketing the strategic planning of any online business. Simply because it is one thing to get a potential customer to your online store, and it is another to deliver after conversion. E-commerce business owners should always stay updated with the latest in shipping services; this is so as to get the best shipping prices available at a particular time. Having the best shipping prices is good for both you and your customer in that the price a consumer would have to pay in purchasing your product would not be as high as it would be for an expensive shipping.

Convenience is another factor to be put into consideration when looking for shipping services, as convenience on both the side of the seller and the buyer is important. The convenience can be in terms of delivery method (pick up or home delivery), Processes involved in acquiring packages and so many other things that could hinder the delivery process from a smooth and flexible manner.

Hence, many shipping service companies have put in efforts in researching new means for delivering packages. A result of the research is delivery through air freight. This time not with airplanes or helicopters, but with the new rave in tech “drones.” Drones are little automated robotic flying devices that are currently used for surveillance, photography, and as toys, too. These drones make use of little motors to take off into the air and move from one location to another. Hence, shipping companies have found it useful in performing their shipping services in an efficient manner. The drones would be used in delivering from the shipping service company warehouse to the front door of the customer, verification, and delivery of package would be done by the drone. The drones would be useful in the delivery of packages with bad or no road networks, also in the fast delivery of emergency items, such as first aid or laboratory tests supplies.

As interesting as the application of drones seems in e-commerce businesses, speculations have it that the use of drones for delivering goods for e-commerce may not be as imminent as we would imagine it to be. So do not expect to see Amazon or Ebay delivering packages to you via a drone in the next few months. But for the delivery of items to places with bad road network (such as mining sites, areas just recovering from a storm, some remote island or town), drones would prove to be useful in such places, especially because of the uncluttered airspace.

A group of aircraft designers and military drone specialists are putting together a drone for air freight services called “Nautilus”. The designers promise that Nautilus would deliver goods worldwide at a competitive price within a competitive time period. However, designers mentioned that the drone would not provide air freight services for delivering small packages in well-developed areas like Amazon and Ebay would require. Instead, the drone would operate without interfering with the regulations set up by the FAA.

So are drones the future of shipping?


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